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Losing Both Grandmas

Hey guys! I know it's been a minute since I've posted anything on the site and were probably wondering, "why does it still say Happy Easter on the main page?" lol. Well, life happened. I woke up on Easter morning. Laid the kids clothes out and woke them up to get ready. Then, I hopped in the shower as we all were preparing for church. When I got out of the shower, I grabbed my phone to see the usual "Happy Easter/Resurrection Sunday" messages. I was surprised to see a missed call from my brother in Texas and a voicemail from caller "Grannie". My heart was immediately racing as I thought "well maybe my grannie wants me to pick her up for church". I listened to the voicemail and it was a message from my aunt Rita who was calling to tell me that my paternal grandmother had "passed away this morning". Everyone knows that the first stage of grief is denial so I was hoping this was a cruel April Fools' joke to try to get all the family together, but indeed it wasn't.

This has to be the most challenging time of my life as I realize I'm at the age where I’m losing more and more relatives and friends. As a Christian, I know there's a better place than this but wish I could pause the clock on my loved ones. Grandmothers are the centerpiece of the family. The glue that holds everyone together. My maternal grandmother passed away just 9 short months ago and it still feels like yesterday. She was the one that called her kids to check on them everyday and anyone else in her phone book lol. My paternal grandmother worked hard and loved even harder. Both of them lived with heart disease and I take their passing as a sign that they have given all the love they can give as they now have no more heartache and suffering. I looked to the sky the other day and saw a beautiful radiant beam from the sky and I felt comfort. Thank each and every one of you for your thoughts, prayers, flowers, and messages.

I have been an American Heart Association Heartwalk team captain for my employer for the past 3 years and am even more passionate about showing support to the organization in tribute to my lovely angels. If you desire to walk this year, or donate, or even be a virtual walker (if not able to physically be present), click the link below to my Heartwalk page to register and/or show your support. God bless and chat with you later!

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