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Live with Kelly and Ryan show!

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

If you saw a video of me dancing earlier in the week on the Live with Kelly and Ryan show, you weren’t dreaming! (screams to self) So awesome! Thank you Lord for pushing me to keep my little star lit ⭐️ Mom of 4, nurse, children’s book author, and always lover of dance!

I submitted the video after watching their show and visiting their website to explore some old episodes. The word “dancer” caught my eye. I was a little intimidated by the submission guidelines of having to make sure no one else was in the video, no logos/brands showing, and no background music. I thought to myself, I have 3 school-age virtual learners and a baby plus stuff everywhere this holiday season after my living room was turned into a postal shop lol. How in the world will I find private time to make this video. Well, you may notice that I don’t look my finest in the video cause it was a morning where the kids and baby were still sleep. I ran to the living room, setup my phone camera, and busted out a freestyle of dance moves. I didn’t want to come off showing off my 20+ years of dance history so I channeled my inner mom dance moves and gave off June Cleaver meets Lucy Ricardo vibes. You know I love Lucy and imagined what she would do for Ricky to put her in the show lol. After submitting the video, I thought that it would be a needle in a haystack of thousands of submissions with a slim chance of being selected. The holidays had passed and I thought “well it was a fun opportunity, better luck next time”. Then, I received an email from a parent friend from my hometown who said they saw me on TV today and sent pics of their TV screen. I was thinking that KSDK 5 ran a rerun of my Show Me St. Louis interview but to my surprise, they picked me!! I soon received an email from the show letting me know that I was one of the top scoring videos selected. Look at God! Just wow! Being on the West Coast, I was able to record the encore on my DVR. If you are looking for the full segment, visit the Live from Kelly and Ryan website for episode 86 of season 5 for JanuREADY’s Diet Week. The episode feature actor/comedian Tim Allen.

Thank you so much for everyone who voted! I was in the top two for the week. I’ve never been one to win when it comes to popularity contests but feels nice to come close and receive so much love. Love you all 🥰

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