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I Got A Big BMI!

Yes, it's true. The overweight lover is in the house lol. I had my biometric screening done at work, and according to the agency's health guidelines that they followed, my BMI was 25.3, which was .3 points too heavy. Per my height and weight, I am supposed to have a BMI of 25 or less. Now most people look at me and say "girl, where do you have any fat?" Of course, I know where my squishy parts are but, to me, they aren't too bad. I am more fit than I have been in a while. I feel the letters should stand for Booty Mass Index because that is really the biggest part of my body with a side of thighs lol. Plus, did they take into consideration that I am African-American? We are naturally born with a little something extra. Should they switch the letters around and have a special category for moms called Mom-Body Index? I mean come on. I have carried and given birth to three children so of course my waist and hips are not a size 0. Also, what are we supposed to do with the extra skin and hip bones? And heaven forbid that we have this screening done during the special time of the month when we are naturally heavier. Cut a sista some slack. Because I didn't meet the guidelines, I missed out on getting my bonus points from that category of the screening. It's like getting everything right on a test but you get an A- for a food stain on the paper. If I could submit the pics below, I wonder would they give me my points back. Does it look like I'm overweight or would have big BMI?

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