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How often should moms take vacations and for how long?

As a mom, or even dad, there is an ingrained expectation to “always be there” for your children. Some of us have been brought up with the impression that if you leave your kids at any time, you’re abandoning them or not taking care of them. We already feel guilty after the 6 weeks of their birth, having to leave them with a babysitter or daycare in order to return to work, where they spend 8-12 hours of their day. But with the daily demands of life and parenthood, to aid in maintaining a healthy mental state and refreshed attitude, one deserves a couple of moments of solace, peace, and time to reflect. Plus 9 times out of 10, you’ll be thinking of your little one(s) the whole time as absence makes the heart grow fonder and if you’re like me, shopping is totally dedicated to finding cool kid stuff to bring back. Admit it, being a parent is amazing but it also can be very stressful and overwhelming, especially during times where your little people are ill or going through one of the what I call “testing” phases where they test your nerves lol.

In the article, “Momtroversy: Should Moms take vacations without kids?”, one interesting benefit from moms taking mom-cations is “for the rest of the family to see just how much mom does day-to-day.” For me, this can be a gift and a curse cause Mike gets to experience what I have to do but would often say “oh yeah it was a piece of cake when you were gone. I don’t know why you find it challenging”. So while the article shares the thought that everyone will have more respect for what you do and your value to the family, I can see the contrary. Take a moment to check out the article. (Shaw Brown, Genevieve. “Momtroversy: Should Moms Take Kid-free Vacations?”, Good Morning America, 6 Sept. 2018, Accessed 2 Sept. 2019.)

As far as how often moms should take vacations or “mom-cations”, I would think that an annual trip of 3-5 days would be sufficient. That way, it gives you something to look forward to, plan ahead for, and is financially feasible. And how refreshing would it be to spend this vacation alone or with other moms. You can chat, hang out, laugh like the good ole days, share motherhood stories and advice. And fellas, don’t think I left you hanging. Guys can have dad-cations. Now that doesn’t mean reliving your bachelor party or college days but taking a fun trip to get away from the harsh demands of work and parenting would be refreshing for you as well. One example was last year when Mike had the opportunity of a lifetime to attend the NBA All-star game in LA. He and a friend were able to kick it in LA, have a blast, and return home excited and refreshed. Maybe I’ll get my girls trip/mom-cation in 2020 (wink wink).

What are your thoughts on mom-cations?

~Yo! Mama

Throwback from 2012ish (me & my buddy BN)

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