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Holiday Time: Snap.Crackle.Slime!

Usually it's all about Yo! Mama lol. But with the release of my new children's book, Santa Meets the Tooth Fairy (available now in my SHOP under the Menu bar), I wanted to share the spotlight with my creative kiddos! So this holiday season, I'll be sharing some of their cool hacks as well as mine that will keep us all occupied for this virtual, shut-in/shutdown time. The kids will share some videos with tips from making Rice Krispy treats in the microwave to making accordion-like holiday cards. And of course, I will be getting us all ready for shopping by sharing some of my favorite things businesses big & small and even how to add some holiday cheer to your drive viewing the lights! Stay tuned! Here's the first video of Mariah's debut hack with her made-up company name that she aspires to have someday called Snap.Crackle.Slime. Enjoy! (like & subscribe as she would tell you)


Yo! Mama

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