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Happy Mother’s Day from Yo! Mama

May all of you have a wonderful and enjoyable day! Despite this yea’s circumstances and limitations, we are blessed to celebrate another year of motherhood and I hope you make the most out of it.

For all of my future moms, may you continue to keep the faith and press forward. You indeed are special and timing is everything. Preparation is vital as well, mentally, physically, and emotionally as this race i.e. motherhood is not for the weak or weary. And if you are one that takes a pregnancy test every month and has yet to see a positive or sustain a pregnancy, please don’t give up hope. The Lord may be waiting to grant you with 2 or even 6 kids at one time and preparing you for this joyous time or there may be a surrogate opportunity awaiting, or there may be a child who has already entered the world and is awaiting your open arms and love. And for my moms and/or friends without the ability to share Mother’s Day with their moms on earth this year, just remember, they are with you always. God will never put more on you than you can bear and would not have left you if they weren’t for sure you could continue the race of life on earth without their guidance. There comes a time in life when we all look forward to graduating to the next level and there are reserved spaces in Heaven. I look at it as someone saving you a seat upstairs and having a guardian angel watch over you until it’s your turn. So today, if you cry or tear up, it’s ok. But I hope there are mostly tears of joy with the warm memories of your loved one that fills your heart, relaxes your mind, heals your soul, and wipes away your worries. If it’s only 5 minutes, do something special to acknowledge them like write a letter, make a card (old school construction paper), lay a rose on the mantle, or even as simple as a shoutout during morning prayer.

I love you all! Thanks so much for the support over the years, and I’m sending you one of my world-famous, old-fashioned warm hugs and squeezes. Smooches and Happy Mother’s Day!

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