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Happy 10 Year Anniversary to Us!

Today marks 10 years of marriage for Mike & I. 3 words...What A Blessing! It hasn't always been balloons & confetti but that's what makes our relationship special as we have grown and matured together. We have seen each other through our poorest times, through sickness, through life's challenges, and through family losses. We have achieved some significant milestones as "everybody ain't able". God has truly shown favor on us as individuals as well as a family and we try our best to obey His word and bless others whenever we can with whatever we have. In the city of St. Louis, it is officially Mike & Mesha Malone day so turn up for us by watching an episode of Martin, listening to "Fire & Desire" by Rick James & Teena Marie, or simply playing a game of Uno or Monopoly.

Now it's time to brag on my mate a little bit. Most of the time, we clown Mike cause he's like Martin, always debating and taking digs on folks. But today, let me tell you why he's awesome. He has worked since the age of 15 and doesn't complain about it. He pushes to keep breaking barriers and has figuratively gone from the bottom to the top. He adores our children and ensures they never go without while keeping them grounded and humble. He hates to miss church service on Sundays and ensures we either attend or stream it live online. He cooks, cleans, helps to keep the finances in order, and keeps our vehicles in great shape. If there was a such thing as a male unicorn, he would be one because those qualities may seem imaginary or impossible to find in a man, but I got him! With all of this, I speak from the heart and say thank you for 10 lovely years. I never thought anyone would love someone named Kimesha but you have proven me wrong and I love you for all that you do. Looking forward to many more years of growth, joy, and laughs with you. 143 ~Yo! Mama Queen Mesh (Broadcasting live from Washington, DC)

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