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Halloween was a blast!

This hot M.O.T. is tired lol. Who else should've taken today off? All of the festivities started last week. Early in the week, I had to decorate a pumpkin for the Best Decorated Pumpkin contest at Marshall's school. I don't stand a chance at winning each year but convince myself to do it anyway. I also had to make sure Bubs had Halloween plates to take in for his Halloween party. On Thursday, October 25, was the day before the school Halloween Parties and the schools Trunk Or Treat. Yes, I said parties, plural. For the Trunk or treat, I decided on the theme of "McDonald's" in which I made some imitation labels/stickers and purchased some different treat boxes from Amazon that looked like Happy Meals and apple pies or fries. I stuffed and put together at least 100+ of these. The turnout is usually over 200 but I had lots of extra candy in a separate box that I planned to take along once the treat boxes ran out.

Friday, October 26th was the big day! I figured it would be a long one that I needed energy for so I requested this day off in advance. That morning, I dropped the kids off at school. The day before, I received a referral from the doctor to start physical therapy for some worsening knee pain so I thought, why not go today? They had an available appt at 10am so I snatched up the opportunity. The initial visit was mostly an evaluation but the therapist had me perform some exercises and stretches that he wanted me to continue to do daily at home. After that, I ran to grab some lunch, ran home to grab my costume wig, and headed to the school for Bubs' Halloween classroom party. After his ended, I went down the hall to Mariah's Halloween classroom party. I left her room mid-party in order to allow time to go to Marshall's school to pick him up, run back to pick Bubs & Mariah up from school, then return home to ensure I have the car stocked with my trunk setup and treats for the Trunk or Treat, plus get everyone's costume on including my own. My sis-in-law Fabulous volunteered to help me work my trunk again this year. We call it "Another K-Fabulous Production!"

Trunk-or-Treat #1: So about that 70 degree weather we had before...gone. It wasn't too cold but you could definitely feel the temperature dropping. The trunk was a hit! I set it up to where I could stand outside of it OR make it into a "drive-thru" and hand out treats from the inside if it got too outside. Yasss ya girl was using that knowledge this year lol. The kids had some pretty cool costumes this year. For my little ones, Mariah was a Hairstylist, Bubs (Michael) was Black Panther, and Marshall was the cutest Kermit the Frog you ever did see. Side note: Did you know Muppet Babies were back? Unfortunately none of the stores were hip and we had to order his costume online that came from Spain. It had quite the journey to its final destination. Ok, back to the story. So, my trunk is a hit! The kids love my McMalone Happy Meals and treats. One little girl demanded that her mom allow her to open her happy meal as she was looking for some real fries lol. I couldn't stop laughing. Trick or Treat. In the words of my mom, "Tricked you!" Next, some little guy that I had seen earlier in the school asked "hey, is Ronald McDonald related to Penny Wise?" Fabulous and I were stumped so I just said "um, maybe so". He walked away like Yes I knew it! Then Fabulous googled that person to see who it was and she fell out laughing. Very interesting. That probably Ronald's cousin on his daddy side. I looked at the clock and it was 7:15. I ran back in the car to grab some more candy but realized that I left my extra box of candy at home. Dang. McDonald's just turned into McDowell's (Coming to America, ref). Luckily, the reload wagons were available and we were able to grab candy bags from there to hand out. We made through 8pm with another successful trunk.

Over the weekend, I had some running to do and had a chance to prep bags for Marshall's upcoming classroom party. The bags contained stickers, stamp kits, and the Oreos (2pk).

Halloween (Trunk or Treat #2): Today, I was not off of work. Boo. But managed to get off a few minutes earlier and made it to Physical Therapy for my 4:30 appt. I thought I was going in to do my stretches real quick and peace out. Baaaaaby when I tell you he worked me like I was training for a competition. He had me get on a bike and said "ok ride for 6 minutes". Huh? That long. OK. It went by really quick but I've been spoiled by the gym having a TV and this place I just had to use my imagination. Next he had me doing squats, side squats, calf stretches, and reps on the leg press machine. My legs were done son. I'm just wondering when my knees are supposed to feel better. I get done there at 5pm. I run home, get dressed with my costume, do Mariah's hair with colorful hairpieces, and make it to the church's Trunk or Treat. Oh I forgot that the night before, I made at least 125+ more treat boxes/bags for my trunk. My buddy Marcus was hosting trunk next to mine as we waited for our spouses to arrive with the kiddos. This time, I had a couple parents asking if they could take a photo of me with my trunk and their kiddo. How special! What an honor. It started to rain toward the end but all in all, it was another success. I went to McDonald's afterwards to grab some fries and a McFlurry. They didn't even give Ronald a free drink. What's up with that? Oh well.

Sooo...about this petition to have Halloween on the last Saturday of the month.

Sounds good.

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