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Halloween Classroom Parties

Class parties were some of the most fun times I remember at school during Halloween and Valentine’s day. Everybody brought in some treats to exchange, the teacher allowed you to play fun games most of the day, and you had the chance to show off your costume to your classmates before it was time to go home and prepare for trick-or-treating or the evening’s activities. As a parent, I try to participate when I can in the kids’ class parties. It gets kind of tricky and chaotic now that there are 3 of them but it’s all in fun and seeing their faces light up when they see me arrive. I have hosted Bingo, games like Spider race where the kids take a straw and blow the toy spiders across the floor to see which one will win, and even some crafts such as decorating their tiny pumpkins, making masks, and making snack characters. I also enjoy putting the goody bags and prizes together for the games. Share some of your class party ideas and activities. Below are some pics of my years attending classroom parties thus far.

Pinterest links to some cool games/activities:

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