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Guess who’s coming to California with us?

Today is the big day for the next chapter of our lives. So exciting yet scary. I want to be sure to give a shout out to everyone who has wished us well, those who kept us in their prayers, those who have helped us pack and load (my villagers), and those who took time out to send us off with a bang at our going-away party. We love you dearly. Okay, now for the juice...

So a few days after Mike accepted his offer for his new job, we received some additional news. Here’s a little background content: As I get closer to 40, I had been struggling with the thought of having more children. I know the magic number that Mike always wanted and it has felt like someone was missing to make our circle complete. And Lord knows that I want to enjoy more of life after 50, which means kids need to be at least graduated or close to it around that time. Sooo...long story short, in November, we will be celebrating our own “Final Four”! The 4th royal member of the Malone empire will be expected. Some may wonder “girl, how in the world did you manage to pack, care for 3 kids (school/home/practice/appts), and work full-time all while dealing with the joys of the first trimester of pregnancy?” Oh you just wait lol. Let’s just say this Advanced Maternal Age stuff is something else and I will be adding on another book to write about it. I’ll just say it will include great details of being one bad m.o.f.o. (wink)


~Yo Mama Mesh

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