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First Week on Lockdown

Wow! Who would’ve ever imagined that an entire state would be on Lockdown? Hollywood Blvd is not filled with folks walking on the Walk of Fame, festivals, concerts and award shows canceled, and businesses are closed. It’s even more shocking for our hospitals in the country to be short of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and are advised to wear scarfs and bandanas. Bandanaaaas?? (In my Soldier Boy voice) Praying continuously for my nurses and doctors on the frontlines. Keep them protected Lord.

This week has been quite bittersweet. On the one hand, while we get to spend quality time with our household family and you can grocery shop without bumping into folks, this Lockdown almost feels like somebody in our class disobeyed the rules and got the whole school on suspension. It seems so unreal that they are reporting more and more active cases when the number is supposed to be going down. What’s going on? Then, going back to the topic of social distancing. I guess it’s hard for folks to follow instructions on keeping your distance when we are watching the Breaking News press conferences every hour and seeing tons of people on stage within elbow proximity of each other. Someone has to lead by example. And our kiddos. I feel bad for them as they probably initially thought this would be just like an extended break of staying home, eating snacks, and playing games all day. But there’s only so many video games and online learning they can do before getting bored and missing their friends from school and teachers. We just received word that our kids will be out until May! Parents, hang in there. We are all doing our best with what we have and shall persevere. Here’s a fun recap video of our first week on “isolation”. Let me know if you can relate and I look forward to next week’s update.

P.S. My book is almost completely written so keep praying for me that I find a publisher and still have a prosperous 2020.

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