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Exhaustion Part I: The Daily Grind

Let me know if this sounds like you. WORK full-time, waking up at the butt crack of dawn at 5am to ensure the kids are dressed, teeth are brushed, hairs are combed/brushed, and faces are greased. And for those with elementary school kids, ensuring your student has lunch money or lunch made and placed in lunch box, backpack is on and contains all “homework” as well as making sure you didn’t miss a special day at school so your child won’t be embarrassed like “Everyone wear red day" or "bring your favorite stuffed animal day”, etc. Then, making sure everyone is properly buckled in their car seats and that you have all of your work items such as laptop, badge, making sure you didn’t forget about any celebrations at work like one of your employees’ or co-workers' birthdays/anniversaries. Then after dropping everyone off, you need to ensure you get to work on-time. Then, you go to work to please everyone and try to resolve issues. You’ll most likely miss lunch or only have about 10 minutes to swallow it before you’re needed for something else. Right before you get ready to leave for the day, someone or something always catches you, especially on a Friday causing you to work a little later. Then, the workday is done but it’s the start of your second shift at home. Picking up the kids, possibly stopping at the store to hear them fuss over who gets to sit in the cart or not wanting to get in the cart. Then, you finally make it home to cook and ensure homework is done. Next, its bath time where you have to yell for the kiddos to get in the shower AND hurry them up to get out. Finally, it’s bedtime. Time to do the daily rendition of the song “Get your butt back in that bed” with at least 10 refrains. After the 5th hug, sip of water, and "late night talk show", they finally fall asleep. You’re exhausted and that bed looks like a cloud with instant sleep written on it. As you prepare to close your eyes, there’s a tap on the shoulder….Isn’t it amazing how you can accomplish this every single day or most days?

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Yo! Mama Mesh
Yo! Mama Mesh
May 08, 2018

Yes you definitely wear a “S” on your chest!


This is so me! I’m not even sure what type of superpower allows me to do all of this...

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