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End Days of Maternity

No, I’m not done being a mom. But as I sit here 1 month after my final baby has turned 1, I reflect on the days of maternity. My womb jersey has retired. The bassinet and baby swing has been put away. The days of receiving new mom gifts and baby showers have come to a close. When walking in the baby section of the store, I no longer need to freak out about what breastpump is best or the best bottles. I also no longer have the need to look through adorable infant outfits and find the cutest one for the holidays. I’ve been a part of the What To Expect app community for a while and have wondered, do I even still belong here? Is my time for support up? Am I the “old mom in the club” looking creepy standing on the wall? Although my body will no longer take shape as one of a full womb, can I still take beautiful pictures of my body and not be shamed for it or classified as “thirsty” or “attention-seeking”? Do people believe me when I say that this was the finale or constantly ask me upon every gathering if I’m hiding a secret? Well, I’m sharing my secret with you today that I’ve had all of these things go through my mind and sometimes feel saddened. Of course I have a gazillion kids but in every woman’s mind, there is always the thought of how the end will be. You know, when we all…pause. Though that pause has not fully reached the brake yet for me, I feel blessed that God selected me as a vessel to use to bear fruit and share His gifts with the world. He uses our bodies for different purposes, so if you’re reading this and have not been able to conceive, please don’t receive this as if you are not blessed. He may have a certain time for you, a gift from another womb waiting for you, or an even bigger purpose for you to not only share your blessings with one child, but as many as possible in different ways such as teaching, fostering, or serving an organization. Though Miles was the last of my children to birth, I will continue my journey of being “Yo! Mama” and keep sharing my gifts, knowledge, experiences, and more with the world for as long as God allows. I am ever-so grateful for everyone who has subscribed, followed, shared, commented, and continue to visit and support me, the blog, and parents everywhere. I thank you!!

Here are just a couple pictures looking back through my first maternity photo shoot & my final maternity shoot in reflecting on those priceless moments…

-Yo! Mama Mesh

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