Earthquakes, Essence Fest, & "the Sugar"

Hey guys! Sorry to keep you waiting on my latest post. If you haven’t seen one of my recent Facebook posts, then you’ll be in shock that we finally received our things!! Hooray! It only took, what, 4 weeks? Only a couple of things were damaged but just so grateful to have a bed to sleep in again. So they arrived about 3 days before we flew off for our vacation to St. Louis. That was only enough time to get the kids’ rooms situated and pack our suitcases. We arrived in STL close to midnight on July 2nd. On July 4th, we ate BBQ and hung over Mike’s brother’s house as I listened to all of the bomb sounds aka street fireworks. Have they gotten more explosive? I promise I heard some firecrackers that went off for like 5 minutes straight. As we return back to my mom’s house for the night, I read in the news headlines that there was a major earthquake from Las Vegas all the way to Southern California. Say what?!! My jaw dropped. Nooo, we just moved there! Glad there were no reports of injuries and that we were out of town. Then, 2 days later, I see that there was another earthquake even larger than the one before. Oh no! The temptation to return to STL has never been more present lol. I pray to God things remain stable for the remainder of our time in CA. Afterwards, I did a little geographical reading on the history and causes of earthquakes. Now although most are due to breaks in the fault planes, it can also be a result of human activity such as nuclear explosions. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

So July 5th, while Mike and the kids continue to enjoy STL for the next couple days, I travel to New Orleans with my mom and 2 aunts. We had a blast. But you know I can’t start without having a fit with TSA. I see all types of people going through the metal detector ahead of me but when I get up to ask if I can go through, they say “only if you have little kids with you”. I tell him “I do have a little kid with me in my womb”. The security worker responds “but he’s not out yet”. So does that mean he’s not considered a kid if he’s not “out yet”? What kind of comment was that?! And yeah I would like for him to be able to make it out with all of his limbs and no defects from this silly scanner. I’m quite upset at this point but go against my will and proceed to go thru the scanner. Then, there’s a security officer of European descent waiting on the way out the scanner saying “I need to swipe across your right shoulder and your hair”. (Note that I have Marley twists so now I feel totally discriminated against) And what in the world would be across my right shoulder besides the same bra strap that’s on the other shoulder. If I wanted to be rubbed on, I would’ve opted for the pat down instead of the scanner. The lady then swipes my hair and asks me to lift up my twists to make sure there is nothing underneath. There was a woman of European descent who had straight hair down her back that was right before me but didn’t have to endure such inspection. My mom is going through the scanner behind me and has absolutely nothing on besides a t-shirt and some slacks. They stop her to swipe her