Coronavirus: Fear, Faith, and Freaking Out! Nurse & Parent perspective

Is anyone just as confused about how we got here? I mean, to the point where America is on the ultimate survival mode at this time and people are afraid to even come outside? We, the United States, have survived wars, recessions, viruses, and natural disasters. But what makes this so different? I think it’s due to feeling of lack of control. Researchers and scientists have done a phenomenal job historically in developing vaccines, medications, and determining root causes of illnesses and many diseases, however this one is no easy egg to crack. We know that since this Coronavirus is listed on bottles of Clorox Wipes and other cleaning agents that it is not a newly discovered virus, however it is one that we had to dust off from the history books because it was so rare or not prevalent in today’s time. The other day we learned that Tom Hanks was infected with the virus and things “got real”. We often look at celebrities as invincible for some reason so when they said that, it was time to pack up like the piano players in “The Color Purple”. And then everything is canceled. Can you believe NBA & NCAA games won’t have fans? Say what? Has Space Jam really come true where the players are ill and sports is canceled? Wow! Who would’ve thought the day would come where whole festivals, concerts, and Disneyland would be shut down. No gatherings of more than 50 people allowed. Whoa, this is real life.

Fear: The world seems afraid of this ever-powerful and rapidly spreading disease and for good reason. For one, the media is hyping it up so much giving breaking news updates by the hour and reporting hundreds of new cases daily that we have all gone to panic mode. I had the news on before I went to bed. Every time I woke up to change the baby or feed him in the middle of the night in my sleepy state, I would glance at the TV and it seemed to get worse each time I looked at it. I felt myself developing some strange anxiety and had to just turn on some cartoons to even get my focus away from it. This constant reminder will make you afraid to leave your home and lose your mind. For believers of a higher power, it is truly a test of your faith. As Christians, we are taught to cast your cares upon God, lean not to your own understanding, and to not be afraid for He is with you always. But, we also must not forget that "Faith without works is dead" (James 2:14-26), so we must use the tools that we have to survive in addition to praying. Also with social media feeds and the news reports, it seems like thousands of people currently have this virus at the SAME TIME. From the info they provided, those infected have to be in isolation or quarantine for approx. 14 days right? So after the 14 days, are they healed and no longer contagious? What’s the incubation period? It also seems like it takes somewhere between 5-14 days for the symptoms to even appear, which is most likely the reason this is spreading so quickly from country to country. They shared on the news the other day that China is one of the few countries that has the proper test kits and knows how to use them so are we even using them correctly? Could there be false positives at all? Now we know that the unfortunate deaths of those infected truly had the virus and I am in no way discrediting those reports but at the same time, we need up-to-date reports. We need “During February, this amount of folks were infected, these amt passed away but only this many still have the virus. And as of today, the amt infected has gone down to this amount”. Otherwise, we will remain in a panic, the stocks will continue to be a rollercoaster ride with ou