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Church: Should Kids be quiet?

As Easter approaches, I thought this topic would be fitting as we all will be front and center for service next Sunday. This topic has come to mind quite often for me so please try not to take offense to my thoughts. Church is a common place for people to worship, praise God, and serve. Sometimes it’s hard for people to understand church from a child’s state of mind. Most of us have been children in church and understand what it’s like to sit or attempt to sit for the designated amount of time. Some churches have services that only last an hour and kids are able to sit quiet as church mice or at least go to Sunday school. Other churches can have services that go over 2 hrs and some even with an intermission. After the first hour, you may notice your kids getting antsy, whiny, playing in the extra seats of the row, sliding down the seats, or talking loud. It’s not that they are not listening to the word, but it’s a challenging feat for them to sit still AND quiet for that long. The one irritation that I have is with the Shushers. You know, the folks that turn around when your child makes a noise or says a Word or act like they’ve never heard a baby cry before. Either shush-ing them or saying hush with their eyes. Is there a certain time that is appropriate for the kids to make noise as it’s drowned out by singing or other folks shouting? We try to minimize the noise and movement by bringing them activities to do while the pastor preaches the Word. And I’m sorry I have to apologize 36 times for my child accidentally kicking the back of your seat. I cannot help how short their little legs are as they move them to keep circulation in them and adjust to sitting uncomfortably. The worst of times is when you spend the majority of the service trying to keep your kids settled, quiet, focused, or entertained that by the time things are calm, you hear “Amen” and you’ve missed most of the Word. Does anyone else go through this? Or maybe it’s just me.

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