Beyonce' Homecoming...Thoughts?

I'm hoping everyone had the chance to see Beyonce's Homecoming documentary on Netflix. It was much anticipated as we heard how amazing Coachella was through media reports and for her to headline, truly phenomenal! I wanted to touch on 3 things: the overall performance, her revelation of her Preeclampsia experience, and how she felt after delivery in preparing for the big day.

First, we can sum up this performance in 3 words...Fab-U-Lous lol. Listening to the songs, watching the bands play, and seeing the dance moves from a variety of genres really made me proud. And Mrs. Knowles-Carter, I laughed a couple times in watching her facial expressions because you can tell she felt the music and knew she killed every dance move, and I can totally relate to that feeling. It's almost like a high on stage when you've practiced so hard for so long and had some days where you doubted yourself but end up with a "flawless" performance with a positive response from the audience. I'm just mad she didn't call me to perform. I could've tap danced, done a pique turn, and pop-lock-and-dropped it lol. Oh well, maybe next time. I also loved how the music stayed hype. I know sometimes artists want to ensure they include some slower ballads so that their vocal skills are not overshadowed by the dancing or to give the audience and themselves time to cool down but Beyonce' kept the momentum. I need to borrow just a tinch of your stamina ma'am. Wow! Shout out to her for including her talented counterparts like Destiny's Child, her hubby Jay-Z, sis Solange', and the Les Twins, who I remember seeing on World of Dance show. I am so proud of Beyonce' as we all know where she started and she always said she was going to be a big star, and her dream has come true!

Now let's talk about Preeclampsia. As much as we try to eat right, continue to exercise, and regularly attend prenatal visits, this is one condition that has being African American as a risk factor. Say what? Now of course, we see this alot when it comes to diabetes and high blood pressure in general but you mean to tell me that being born a certain ethnicity is a risk? Yep, no surprise. I also know that risk factors increase being an expectant mom of advanced maternal age (>35) and to add on the fact that she was expecting multiples. I applaud her for being courageous and open enough to share her story especially how things can go so fast turning into Preeclampsia/Toxemia and having to experience an emergency c-section. I know quite a few people who have had to experience an emergency c-section and it is quite traumatic having to rush back to the OR and the suspense of not knowing if your baby is going to be ok. I wish I knew more details of her journey like did she have high blood pressure throughout the enti