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Being black…We are more than that!

Excuse me as this is not my typical, jolly post as our country attempts to heal. 2020 has been quite the Jumanji board and seems like we can't find the dice to end the game. I want to warn those parents that allow children (under 18) to explore my site and blog that this post may will contain some heavy details that may not be suitable for them to read at this time or until they are old enough to understand. These words of expression are based on history that you may not have studied in the textbooks of school. I just had to at least take one post to share a message. For folks that find it difficult to explain exactly WHY things are going on or WHY people may feel a certain way, this post may aid in expression for better understanding or easier conversations. (Long post alert)

So much to say, share and feel. Where should we start? How about starting with the color.

Black. A color that is associated with darkness. Unseen, hidden, no light, unimportant; Associated with death, bad news, ugliness, sadness, dirty, the unclean, malignant, and even in some beliefs, the mark of Cain. All things negative, right? So why choose to give us that label? Are we not good enough for purple? Royal, elite, luxurious, wise, powerful, magical, and beautiful in every shade.

Since forever, we have been forced to hide our fears, feelings, and intelligence. Since we no longer bow down or serve the purpose intended, we are treated as if we have overstayed our welcome and told to go back where we came from. We came from Heaven. I’m assuming you did too?

Black is having the ability, knowledge, and skills to be the most wealthiest on earth and yet are setup to fail and told to just be grateful. To read, to write, to invent, to change the world. To make miracle meals out of rubbish. To use nature’s milk to feed not only our children but yours too.

To break backs of “black people” with whips, chains, axes, gouging teeth out then told to eat with bloody mouths, and blistering hands used to help build up this country. And doctors wonder why our faces don’t match the pain rating scale. Yes, we are magical, but we DO FEEL PAIN! We DO HURT! The passion for animals, their livelihood, and things being tested on them is unfortunately at times more than humanity for “black people” or anyone that is not of a certain European descent.

Black is maintaining farmland plantations and creating innovations all the while not being able to afford or own any of it. To be raped, bear children of lighter complexions, and be disregarded, shunned, separated, and sold. Imagine your husband, wife, children, were all split up and sold, then worked as slaves, all to later be hung, burned, drowned, or beaten until unrecognizable.

Black is witnessing the striking down and destruction of passionate leaders of nonviolence who stood up for humanity, equality, and peace. Why? Because they used the most powerful ammunition of all…their mouths –using it to speak from the heart.

Black is being told that your hair is too big or not professional enough unless its straight, silky, and blowing in the wind.

Black is having your style, fashion, and music categorized separately, yet the culture is used either as mockery or to make millions off of, only to receive zero credit. With this, one has to be innovative to create one’s own awards and TV/film opportunities.

Black is to drive in fear of being pulled over, falsely accused, unethically restrained, and face the act of injustice.

Black is walking in fear of encountering someone of the same complexion who is jealous of your stride and force you to not look eye-to-eye as it may provoke conflict.

Black is to be in constant prayer that our innocent children are protected and safe as they play outside or do homework in the bedroom without risk of being pierced by a bullet intended for someone else.

Black is to shop with hesitation in fear that you will be followed around the store due to the assumption that you will steal something or look suspicious.

Black is becoming invisible when it is time to succeed or be qualified for a position but someone else has a more acceptable, preferred, non-threatening profile.

Black is having to go to school book smart but return home from school, street smart.

Black is working at a job all of your life and still not be able to afford your own funeral.

Dark skin was made to be the most tolerant of the sun, so why is it so hard for it to shine?

The next time you walk by someone of a darker complexion, a purple person perhaps (wink), don’t think of them as black. Think of them as human. Close your eyes. What do you see? Nothing but darkness? Being black is more than that.

I love you all! Pray for our spirits, minds, and let's heal our world together. Last time I checked, when all colors of the rainbow unite, it’s a beautiful thing. “We shall overcome someday”.

This is a very trying time for many as we’ve all been sheltered at home during quarantine and with the protests becoming violent, it may reverse the little bit of progress we made in getting back out. Our children are tired of being in the house 70+ days now. Please don’t use this time to steal a pair of tennis shoes or bag or chips. If you feel that urge, turn around and go home. Go watch “Imitation of Life” or “Roots”, heck even an episode of Family Matters to help reset, rethink, and cool down. Carl Winslow was a cop too and there is an episode on how racism impacted him also.

Be safe, don’t destroy, and remember God is love.

Peace and love,

Yo! Mama Mesh

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