25 Things to Do on Bedrest

Here are a few ideas for my moms and future moms who have to spend some time on bedrest and are going stir crazy with boredom:

  1. Knit a blanket, baby socks, or quilt or make a Tutu (mesh headband or elastic band and tulle)

  2. Birth Plan Checklist

  3. Count fetal kicks

  4. Find an encouraging passage from the Bible or inspirational quote daily

  5. If you’re on bedrest at home, have a routine story time with your kids and find some interesting books. If at the hospital, you can Facetime or Skype story time with your other kids. If this is your first baby, video yourself daily reading a story or telling a story you created.

  6. Create a recipe book

  7. Compose baby shower wish list/registry or even plan shower for yourself

  8. Journal each day on bedrest—what you do and how many days and thoughts

  9. Update addresses of people to send birth announcements or thank you cards to

  10. Look at birth announcements online/ request catalogs of baby stuff

  11. Think about baby’s 1st year (possible appt dates, daycare research, even start looking into future preschools and kindergarten guidelines.)