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What's on the Thanksgiving menu?

What are y'all cooking? Are you planning on taking the day off prior to cook or planning to house hop and just bring a bib? Feel free to post your favorite Thanksgiving recipe.

As you guys know, I lost my grandma from my mom's side last year and lost my grandma from my dad's side this year, so my relatives are all over the place and with heavy hearts. It's almost like the movie Soul Food when Big Mama passed but food was what helped to bring everyone back together. I will be like Vivica Fox's character in holding the tradition of hosting Thanksgiving at my house this year like years past. So what should we cook?

Sweet potatoes, Homemade Macaroni & Cheese (out of the box or baked?), Greens. Quick question that I will turn into a poll question: If you make sweet potatoes, do you have mashed potatoes and gravy too? I can hear my grandma say "ooh that's too much starch!" lol.

Mike and his dad show out with cooking the turkey every year. You know we gotta have a ham and add our own honey glaze to it. And you can't have turkey without the dressing, can I get an Amen?

Since Mike's birthday is on Thanksgiving this year, he wants me to cook him some Chitterlings as a gift. Pardon my improper grammar, but ain't nobody got time for their house and fingers to be smelling like that lol. Ugh! We'll see. Maybe I can get my mom to help with that or at least clean them.

I love to bake so you know desserts are already on lock. Sweet potato pies, chocolate chip cookies, apple pies/cobblers, Pineapple upside-down cake, vanilla cake or maybe a moist chocolate cake. Any other dessert suggestions? If your guests are found dozing off after eating, it is a sign that your Thanksgiving meal was a success :). Aside from the tryptophan effects of the turkey. Have a blessed one and can't wait to see those recipes and food pics!

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