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School Supply Shopping Scavenger Hunt

Back-To-School this year can be described in one word…unique. Whether the kids are going back to school with the hybrid schedule of virtual/in-person, continuing with virtual/distance learning, or home-study, they will still need school supplies. Stores like Target typically have school supply lists by grade level to know exactly what is needed for the school year. However, with the new model of learning, it's kind of hard to tell what's needed. Pajamas or new outfits? Chromebooks or Notebooks? Parents have historically racked up on school supplies during tax-free weekend or a few weeks prior to school starting, allowing their kids to pick out their brand new backpack, pencil cases, and more. This year may look slightly different for some shoppers as most kids are still safe-at-home, with the avoidance of being exposed to large crowds at the stores. How can they still partake in the fun of picking out their favorite school supplies, you ask? It’s simple…make it a scavenger hunt. The template can be used for virtual OR in-person shopping. You can type in or copy/paste pictures of the supplies, print, and the kids can find the supplies to add to their cart. One tool that I’ll be using this year is the Target registry “Kids Wish List”. In having 3 kids in school, it makes it so easy to pull up the list and either go to the store to pickup or order online. The kids can also search for their items online, which gives them more practice in navigating the site, and once they find the item, they can click the heart to add it to their wish list. For in-person shopping, it’s even more fun to set a timer and make it like a kids version of Supermarket Sweep to see how fast they can find the items. Quick shopping, simple & fun!

The attached has a blank template as well as some sample templates for ideas on how to set yours up.

Back to School Scavenger Hunt template K
Download • 344KB

Back to School Scavenger Hunt template K
Download • 2.31MB

Back to School Scavenger Hunt template k
Download • 2.48MB

Happy School Shopping! Stay safe,

Yo! Mama Mesh

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